The BBFAW 2022 Consultation

The consultation on the proposed BBFAW 2022 Benchmark is now open and will run until 14th February 2023.

The consultation paper, which details the proposed changes to the Benchmark, and a template for written responses can be found here:

BBFAW Consultation paper (pdf)

BBFAW Consultation response form (Word)

Following the first decade of BBFAW Benchmarks, the BBFAW Partners decided that it was necessary to pause the annual assessment cycle during 2022 in order to conduct a thorough revision of the assessment criteria, to ensure they are aligned with evolving expectations of companies. The postponed 2022 Benchmark company assessments will be conducted in April and May 2023.

We will be hosting two consultation webinars on 2 February at 9am and 4pm GMT, offering the opportunity to hear more about the proposed changes to the BBFAW criteria and to submit responses live during the webinar. 

To register to attend one of these events please use the links here: 9am and 4pm.