Farm animal welfare is a key source of business risk and of commercial opportunity for food companies

The Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW) is the leading global measure of farm animal welfare management, policy commitment, performance and disclosure in food companies. As the first global measure of company performance on farm animal welfare, BBFAW enables investors, companies, NGOs and other stakeholders to understand corporate practice and performance on farm animal welfare.

BBFAW drives – directly and through the efforts of others – corporate improvements in the welfare of animals reared for food. The annual Benchmark assess how 150 global food companies manage farm animal welfare in their operations and in their supply chains. It allows investors to compare companies, to identify leaders, improvers and laggards, and to assess wider trends in farm animal welfare in the global food industry.

BBFAW maintains the Global Investor Statement on Farm Animal Welfare and convenes the Global Investor Collaboration on Farm Animal Welfare, a collaborative engagement between major institutional investors and food companies on the issue of farm animal welfare. In addition, BBFAW manages extensive engagement programmes with companies and with investors and provides practical guidance and tools for companies and for investors on key animal welfare issues.


BBFAW Company Summary Reports

Individual company summary reports for all companies assessed in the Benchmark are made available to investors for the purpose of research and decision making. If you are an investor and wish to access these reports, please contact the BBFAW secretariat:


Why is BBFAW useful for companies & investors?