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Compassion in World Farming

Compassion in World Farming (“Compassion”) is the leading farm animal welfare charity advancing the wellbeing of farm animals through advocacy, political lobbying and positive corporate engagement. The Food Business team was established in 2007, and works in partnership with major food companies to raise baseline standards for animal welfare throughout their supply chains. The team offers strategic advice and technical support for the development, implementation and communication of higher welfare systems, and increasingly frameworks for a more humane sustainable food system.

Compassion engages directly with many of the companies benchmarked in BBFAW to highlight potential areas for improvement and provide support with policy development, welfare improvement and transparent reporting. The Food Business team uses the Benchmark alongside Compassion’s other tools such as the Supermarket Survey, its Awards programme, and its advisory services, to help companies identify areas and mechanisms for continuous improvement, and to highlight sources of competitive advantage.

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