Letter to all BBFAW companies

9 April 2020


Dear BBFAW Company,


In response to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) global health crisis, the BBFAW has decided to move the period for company assessments for the 2020 Benchmark to October and November 2020 (from August and September, as in previous years).

Having canvassed views from companies and from investors, the BBFAW Technical Working Group has carefully assessed the situation and has decided that delaying the 2020 BBFAW benchmark is the most appropriate action to take.

We encourage you to note the following revised timeline:


Revised 2020 Benchmark Timeline for Companies 

30 September 2020

Recommended deadline for companies to update their farm animal welfare reporting online.

NB. Company assessments use information available at the time of the assessment.  As you will not know the date of your assessment in advance, we recommend that you update your reporting by 30 September to be sure that the latest evidence can be considered. 

1 Oct – 30 November 2020

Company assessments conducted. 

7 January 2021

Companies invited to review their preliminary 2020 company assessments.

8 February 2021

Deadline for company comments.

Company assessments finalised and scores locked in by 11 February.

End March 2021

2020 BBFAW Report launched. 


We are not planning to make any substantive changes to the evaluation criteria in 2020. We will notify you of any proposed changes and provide you with the opportunity to comment on these, in our annual consultation which we will run in May 2020. We will also use this consultation as an opportunity for you to provide feedback on the BBFAW programme and its influence on your approach to farm animal welfare. 

The BBFAW partners, Compassion in World Farming and World Animal Protection, and the BBFAW secretariat continue to be available to support you as you prepare for the next Benchmark cycle.

If you have any questions, please email us at


With kind regards,

Nicky Amos

Executive Director, BBFAW

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